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Phoenix Medication Error Lawyers

Prescription medications are critical for treating a wide range of serious conditions, but they are not always helpful. Thousands of prescription errors and prescription overdoses occur every year, often resulting in catastrophic injuries and death to patients at hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and at home.

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Prescription errors, including medication overdoses, happen in many ways. A patient may be given the wrong medication or the wrong dose by a hospital or pharmacy, for example, when a nurse fails to note a change in a patient's prescription. A nurse might fail to properly check the ID of a patient and give him or her medication intended for someone else. A pharmacist may misread a doctor's handwriting and may dispense something different from what was ordered. Similarly, a nurse may misinterpret what the doctor has ordered or may make a mistake when writing down an order given by a doctor. A doctor might even order a prescription for medication to which the patient is allergic.

Unfortunately, in spite of efforts to prevent medication errors, they stubbornly continue to occur.

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If you believe that you or a family member may have been injured as the result of a medication error, you should have your case reviewed by an experienced attorney. To get started, call our Phoenix, Arizona, law office at 602-648-3200 or simply contact our firm online.

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